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MELANIE CARTER - My work explores the question "What is justice? From a critical, multimedia examination of race and gender through a Pan African, Queer lens. In an environment where hip-hop is being used by capitalism to perpetuate oppressive messaging and superficial consumption, my art stands to challenge this ,/r erosion of hip-hop and align it with meaningful works of expression in the best tradition of Black women . As with many forms of expression and power, black women and girls are often left out ,and stories about our legacy are told about us, rather than by us. My work interrupts those stories and centers/my own. Artistically known as Blak Rapp Madusa, I am an "artivist." My impact is both on the stage and in the street where America continues to require that I work for justice for myself and my people.


Inspired by the art of Nina Simone, Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu and other Black women, I continue to evolve and expand,upon the conversations they've begun and welcomed me into.  The interconnectedness between genres and generations evident in my work expresses my belief that Black women are a river, inseparable by time and space. This belief drives my dedication and sends a message to Black women that have been misled about the value of their own voice.  In this way, I balance my gaze between the most personal pain and beauty of black women’s lives and a birds eye view of the larger forces that shape and name our stories.